Gazpacho by Pescatore, 16 oz

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I have traveled all over the world (Chef Adam) and with my awesome Kitchen Team, we developed this Gazpacho for the sole purpose of not just serving people to eat as a great veggie soup....but to build upon it.

For Instance, it is great when you take Grilled Shrimp, Pasta and eat it cold, Saute with it or use it as a stew base or any variety of cultures 

It gives a new meaning to a 5-minute dinner

You can double up on the lemon and lime juice and add raw shrimp and make a fantastic ceviche and let the shrimp or fish or both sit overnight and now you have just made my favorite thing in the entire world.....

The possibilities are endless with some great hot sauce...

One of my favorite items if you can't tell and it freezes great!