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This Hot Italian Sausage is delicious and juicy with that crunch you can only get with real pork casing. The sausage is made from the pork butt (shoulder) of well-fatted hogs that makes the addition of more fat unnecessary. They add both ground fennel and whole fennel to give the sausage that classic Italian flavor. Hot red pepper and spices give the sausage that reddish coloring and add some heat. Grandpa was the sausage maker in the family. They still use all of his original recipes, made with the finest quality meat in the country.

The care and attention given to our Hampshire hogs are unmatched. They are fed a natural corn and 100% natural vegetarian diet including vitamins, mineral supplements, and probiotics to enhance natural immunity. The feed is routinely tested to be free of chemical residues. The Hampshire’s are fed a safe diet of GMO-free ground corn, soybean meal, and premix of natural vitamins and minerals in varying percentages from the nursery to their finishing ration. Additionally, the Hampshire’s have free access to pasture where their diet is enhanced with foraged grasses, clover and alfalfa. They always enjoy animal-friendly surroundings. With “hoop” barns and pasture huts during inclement conditions, the hogs continue to enjoy social interaction, fresh deep straw bedding, and clean tested water. Gestation or farrowing crates are never used and the hogs have ample space for mobility and complete radius of movement in all phases of their development.



This package includes 1.0 lbs. of Grandpa’s Hot Italian Sausage

  • Meat Pork



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    $12.99 $8.95

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