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Fresh Dumplings Guaranteed To Be Tasty

Fresh Dumplings Guaranteed To Be Tasty

When it comes to dumplings, we are passionate in providing you, the customer, with the tastiest variety so that you won’t be purchasing them from anywhere else. 

Our dumplings on offer all come with flavours that have been specially selected by our team, with the freshest ingredients, to make it feel like a party in your mouth. Once you have tasted our dumplings, there’ll be no going back! 

In Asian cultures, dumplings carry deep symbolism. They are treated with a lot of reverence and good luck because they are shaped like gold ingots. Our dumplings stay true to their culture, and are definitely guaranteed to bring you good luck and fortune! 

Our Fresh Variety Of Dumplings Are Sure To Please

Our Fresh Variety Of Dumplings Are Sure To Please

Our website is home to a variety of seafood dumplings; whether you’re after shrimp, lobster, or crab dumplings, our high-quality choices bring smiles to all. There is definitely something for everyone with our dumplings on offer!

For something a bit different, why not try our Kobe Style Wagyu Brisket Cheeseburger Gyozas? These gyozas are the ultimate savory bite, combining the highest quality beef, incredible cheddar, and a touch of sweet Vidalia onion. 

We have gone to our very close friends in the Hunts Point Meat Market in New York City which is world-famous for supplying the best restaurants with the best quality meat. For our gyoza’s we are using a hand-selected Brisket blend which has great flavor and complexity! 

Each package comes with an 8oz cup of Kraft Cheez whiz for dipping - an American classic! 

A Trifecta Combination You Won't Be Quick to Forget

A Trifecta Combination You Won't Be Quick to Forget

Our Lump Crab Dumplings are a fan favorite. Combining lump crab, cabbage, spring onions, and robust Asian flavors, these are then hand wrapped straight from our own kitchens. We love them as a quick appetizer or part of the main course with lots of smaller plates! Available to order as a 4 dozen package or as a 6 dozen. 

If you’re looking for a classic dumpling, then look no further from our Maine Lobster Dumplings. We take the beautiful lobster meat we receive on a daily basis and turn it into hand-stuffed succulent dumplings. This is definitely a labor of love because this takes time, patience, and extreme care to produce these little pockets of joy!

You can enjoy these as a 4 dozen order, or a 6 dozen package. 

Our 12-piece Maine Lobster & Shrimp Dumpling Combo are a firm classic. Blending our Maine Lobster Dumplings and our Shrimp Dumplings, there really isn’t a better combination! Enjoy both flavors in one with this irresistible combo. 

They come with our house-made gluten-free Shoyu sauce, perfect for dipping.

You’ve heard about our lobster and crab dumplings, so why not try our Shrimp Dumplings? Just as tasty and just as fresh, these are made with chemical-free all-natural shrimp, Asian flavors, and spring onions in a lite wrapper which is hand-made in our own kitchens. These are always made with TLC, making them another fan favorite!

Once again, these are available to order as a pack of 4 dozen or 6 dozen.  

Delicious Dumplings Come with FREE Sauce

Delicious Dumplings Come with FREE Sauce

For something more distinct, we offer Philly Style Wagyu Brisket Gyoza Dumplings. We are so close to Philadelphia that we always wanted to pay homage to our friends down South - this gyoza does just that. This meat is sourced from the best ranches of only Grass-Fed American Wagyu beef. 

We take this gyoza one step further and add a generous portion of 2-hour caramelized onions to the mix - you would think we add sugar but not one ounce goes into this recipe - we have a sweet and savory delicious blend. Enjoy as a meal or just an appetizer!  

The choice really is down to you! You might fancy our beasty Dumpling Tri-Fecta. By popular demand, we have combined all of our dumpling flavors to make the perfect Trifecta of dumplings. Made up of 3 dozen of the most decadent seafood dumplings anywhere.

Take your pick from our lobster, crab, and shrimp options. The package also includes 8oz of our Tamari Dipping Sauce for free. Available to buy either as 3 dozen or 6 dozen if you fancy a proper feast!

Here at All Fresh Seafood, we try our best to cater to everyone. That’s why we sell a Gluten Free Tamari Dumpling Sauce (8oz) for those with intolerances. We make our own version of a Gyoza traditional dumpling sauce with a delicious gluten-free soy sauce that we improve upon to make our Shrimp and Lobster dumplings an experience to remember. 

As another add-on, we also offer a tangy Sweet Thai Chili Sauce. This sauce goes great with our dumpling selection, but quite honestly we think it goes great on anything! It has a bit of sweetness and a nice kick of heat at the end for that wow! 

Unique Dumplings Delivered Fresh To Your Door

Unique Dumplings Delivered Fresh To Your Door

We hope that there is something for everyone with our high-quality selection of dumplings. All of our fishy fillings are all-natural and sourced from our partners, located on the Gulf of Mexico in Texas and Florida. 

There really is no other way to buy fresh dumplings made from fish straight from the sea and delivered straight to your door. Get your hands on our dumplings with just the click of a button - it’s easy to place an order straight through our website. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $149+. 

We’ve got you covered, and we hope that our delicious dumplings live up to your expectations!