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Dumpling Tri-Fecta,(Lobster, Crab & Shrimp) 3 dz for $59.99

The Maine Lobster Tail Clam Bake

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4pc Mini Crab Cakes
4pc Baked Clams
4pc Maine Lobster Tails 5oz
1pc Scampi Sauce 8oz


If Shellfish is your Game, this bake has your name! Classic New England in a box all ready to go. Start off with our classic 'stuffies' - a beautiful Rhode Island clam stuffed with delicious chopped clams and Oreganta stuffing, a meal all by itself. Follow this with our mini signature Crab Cakes, and segway into the star of the show. 4 Maine Lobster Tails that you can butter poach, grill, or broil with our Scampi Sauce - chef's choice to round out a great meal.