Where are you located?
We have two stores in the iconic Grand Central Terminal Market in the heart of New York City. We have been located there for over two decades.

Are you open to the public?
You can absolutely come and visit us 7 days a week by entering at 43rd & Lexington Avenue. This is the entrance to the Grand Central Terminal Market. We operate Pescatore Seafood Company & Pescatore Seafood Sushi & Noodles

Where does your seafood come from?
We do not source our product from the Fulton Fish Market - we are DIRECT fish buyers! What this means to you is that we buy directly from the boat and fishing families who specialize in specific species. Over our more than 20 years we have aligned ourselves with the best in class for every species in the market & that is what makes us truly the best!

Is your fish wild & sustainable?
A big yes to both of these questions. We do buy farm raised fish, but only from farms that are raising the fish in 100% sustainable farming techniques. We have a vast selection of both wild and sustainable species. It would not be prudent of us to only carry wild fish and not support farming efforts to help manage wild fish stocks.

Can I send an order as a gift?
Also a big yes from All Fresh Seafood - upon checkout in the memo section please give us a note with your desired recipients address and delivery date. It is as easy as that.


What is the cost of Shipping?
We offer free shipping on orders over $149 after all coupons and discounts. If your order is under $149 we have a tiered shipping schedule that you can find here.  When will I receive my order? Here is a detailed guide as to when you will receive your order. https://allfreshseafood.com/pages/shipping-information

How do you package shipments? 
Our packaging is not only environmental friendly, it's actually the best way you can ship any seafood items. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

  1. Yes we now ship to Alaska
  2. Sorry, we do not ship to Hawaii at this time
  3. Please see our Shipping Matrix for details

Do you ship internationally?
Sorry not at this time

Do you ship to PO Boxes?
We are unable to ship to PO Boxes or FPO or APO addresses.


Shipping Insurance

Our Shipping Insurance provides hassle free coverage for your order, meaning that if your package is lost, stolen, damaged in shipment, etc - you are fully covered! For a small fee calculated at checkout, your shipping insurance will lighten your worries as your box makes its way to you!

Note: If the product is stolen, the claim needs to be accompanied by a police report.

Don't want to pay for Shipping Insurance?  No problem!

To remove the insurance charge from your bill, simply click the toggle on the shipping page to deselect this option. Please note that without insurance, if your order is to be damaged or lost in transit, customers are entitled to a reshipment or store credit. We appreciate your consideration of this. 


How do I opt-out of using Shop Pay?

In order to opt-out of using shop pay, please CLICK HERE and fill out the form with the Shop app.


Can I use multiple discount codes on the same order?

You can use multiple discount codes on single item promotions for your order 

Can I use a site wide discount and a collection discount on the same order? 

Site wide discounts cannot be combined with any collection discounts or single item discounts




Do I need an account to place an order?
Yes, you'll need an account to checkout, it only takes a few seconds but it is well worth it. Once it is set up it allows you to track orders and when you return you can zoom through check out.

Can I modify my order after it is placed?
Absolutely as long as you contact us before 12 noon the next day. The fastest 2 ways to modify an order is to send an email to info@allfreshseafood.com or simply use the chat button with your order number that you would like to modify something.

How is my order packaged?
We use cutting edge thermal-insulated Styrofoam shipping coolers that are reusable and extremely durable to keep your precious cargo safe during transit. The coolers can be recycled and the gel packs can be used in the garden for fertilizer which is part of our green initiatives.

How do I track my order?
Upon shipping you will get an automated email with all of your details from UPS

What is your return policy?
Claims regarding products/boxes showing up damages need to be reported within 3 hours of arrival. Claims Regarding Fresh product need to be reported within 4 days of arrival. Claims Regarding Frozen product need to be reported within 2 weeks of arrival. We want to make sure you receive your goodies and make sure they get put away very fast so you can enjoy them at their peak of perfection, we are in this together! If you should have an issue please email info@allfreshseafood.com with a description and photo so our associates can help clear up the issue as fast as possible.

When should I order my seafood?

We recommend you schedule your delivery to arrive 24 hours prior if you are planning a party or event. UPS delivery windows, during peak periods, can fluctuate and we do not want this to become an issue for you or your guests, which is why we suggest getting yours goods 24 hrs before. If you are buying frozen goods, please order for delivery up to 7 days prior to your event.

UPS weather and equipment failure can cause delays and All Fresh Seafood has no control over this - giving us 24 hours or more as a buffer will give us a better chance to fix the situation. We DO NOT recommend placing your order for delivery on the day of your event - We appreciate your consideration so we can provide the best experience. 



How do I start a subscription order? 

It’s simple really! On each product page, there will be an option to purchase and an option to Subscribe + Save. Choose from the dropdown how often you would like the item shipped and add it to your cart. Complete your checkout, and BOOM! You just created yourself a subscription order! 

How often will I get shipments?

You can choose to receive shipments every 1-8 weeks when ordering the item. Find the dropdown on the Subscribe + Save Section of the product page and choose how often you would like to receive your goodies!

What if I want to change/cancel my order?

In your All Fresh Seafood account, there will be a customer portal where you can edit, skip, or cancel any subscription orders you have active. 

What are the shipping rates for my subscription order?

Shipping rates on Subscription orders will be the same as any one-time purchase from us. To learn more about our shipping rates, please visit: https://allfreshseafood.com/pages/shipping-information

 When will my order be delivered? 

You will receive a notification 3 days before your order is charged to the card on file. Your order will ship on our next available shipping date and arrive the following day, with overnight priority shipping. All Fresh Seafood ships orders Monday - Friday. We do offer Saturday delivery if your area is eligible. 


What is the best way to store my delivery?
When your box arrives the products should be nice and cold to the touch. If you are planning on using the fresh fish within 2 days place in refrigerator, if not you can wrap tight and freeze up to 4 months. All frozen items should be placed immediately in the freezer.

Can I place a special order?
If the product is available and we don't have to order 100's of lbs we would be happy to satisfy all requests - please ask - we like challenges

Can I have something custom cut?
Absolutely…in the memo line please be detailed and our mongers will happily portion, butterfly or steak.

Why are certain items not always available?
This is an easy answer - because then it would be called catching and not "fishing" - sometimes the ocean does not always cooperate with the fisherman. They go out with good intentions of catching a lot of Fluke for instance and only come back with a few hundred pounds. As the demand for fish has gone up and the ocean stocks have depleted it has become more challenging for the fisherman.

Where are your shrimp from?
We have a robust Domestic USA Shrimp Program. We have a variety of sizes of fresh and frozen shrimp from North Carolina and Texas Gulf Shrimp all Wild Caught and Chemical Free. We also have a great South American Chemical Free Shrimp Program which some of the finest white table cloth restaurants in the country source this product for.

Is your fish wild & sustainable?
A big yes to both of these questions. We do buy farm raised fish, but only from farms that are raising the fish in 100% sustainable farming techniques. We have a vast selection of both wild and sustainable species. It would not be prudent of us to only carry wild fish and not support farming efforts to help manage wild fish stocks.

Do your whole fish come cleaned and gutted?

Yes! we clean and gut our whole fish with the exception of smaller fish, such as sardines or anchovies, as these fish are too small. 

Does your lobster come cooked?

Yes, our lobster meat is cooked to perfection before we pick, pack, and ship your order, all in the same day! 


Product Questions

Are All Your Meats Prime?

Some cuts are prime, dry aged or Certified Black Angus – in the product description you can find the answer for each specific cut.

Do your meat products ship fresh or frozen?

Our meat products are shipped frozen. 


How do I heat up your soups?

Simply add the soups to a pot on the stove and simmer until heated through