Maine Cold Water Lobster Tail Oreganata 6-7 oz, 4pc

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Maine Lobster tails are often considered some of the best tasting lobster tails in the world. They are perfect for any occasion from the backyard barbecue to a fancy candlelight dinner. Our Oreganata topping has been a "fan favorite" for over 20 years - made with just the right amount of fresh garlic, lemon, and herbs - sure to satisfy!

Chef Adam Cooking Tips: 

-Heat Oven to 350 

-Wrap tails in Aluminum Foil

-Cook tails for 12/14 minutes

-Remove from oven - increase temp to 425

-Brush with more Oreganata Sauce from the pan drippings

-Cook 5 minutes more till internal temp of 165

Serve with Linguine or your favorite roasted potatoes - yum!