Wagyu Philly Cheesesteak Gyoza Dumpling - 2 dozen

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We are so close to Philadelphia that we always wanted to page homage to our friends down south - this Gyoza does just that. It is Chef Adam's take on the best of Pat's and Gino's - we love them both, and we hope you do as well.

We have gone to our very close friends in the Hunts Point Meat Market in New York City which is world-famous for supplying the best restaurants with the best quality meat. This meat is sourced from the best ranches of only Grass-Fed American Wagyu beef. For our Gyoza's we are using a hand-selected Brisket blend which has a great depth of flavor and complexity!  Each package comes with an 8 oz cup of Kraft Cheez whiz for dipping - an American classic!

We take this Gyoza one step further and add a generous portion of 2 hour caramelized onions to the mix - you would think we add sugar but not one ounce goes into the recipe - we have a sweet and savory delicious blend. Enjoy as a meal or appy!