Summer Roll Sampler Pack - The Glenn Pack - 4 Rolls (Our Classic Lobster Roll, Thai Peanut Shrimp Roll, Protein Tuna Punch Roll, Chilean Sea Bass Roll)

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This Combo pack is based on our President Glenn's favorite Rolls - we hope you like his selections!

-Our Classic Lobster Roll (Maine lobster meat, celery, mayo, and romaine)

-Thai Peanut Shrimp Roll  (Thai peanut roasted shrimp with Asian Slaw & Thai Peanut Sauce)

-Protein Tuna Punch Roll (Sesame crusted Tuna, pickled veggies & spicy mayo - our #1 seller)

-Chilean Sea Bass Roll (Asian Style Bbq Chilean Sea Bas, Pickled Crunchy Veggies, Romaine Lettuce and Korean BBQ sauce)