frisee salad aux lardons and poached egg salad


1 Bundle Frisee, washed and cleaned

1/2 lb slab of bacon (or Atlantic salmon bacon), diced and cooked crispy

1/2 lb Jersey tomato, Diced and Chilled

1/2 lb Hot House English Cucumber, diced

1/4 lb Bermuda Onion, Diced

4 Poached Eggs - soft


3 oz Fresh Lemon Juice 

3 oz Honey

6 oz Olive Oil

1 Tsp Dashi

1.5 oz Dry Roasted Garlic






1. To start - peel lemon and poach slowly for 1.5 hours in water

2. When done, Make the Vinaigrette and whisk together Lemon Juice, Honey, olive Oil, Dashi, and Roasted Garlic. Set aside 


Take Frisee and diced veggies - toss together. Toss in bacon and drizzle dressing overtop - Serve immediately and Enjoy


-Chef Adam 

Frisee Salad aux Lardons and Poached egg Salad
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