chef adam's crabby shrimp toast

We made this recipe on our very first installment of the All Fresh Cooking Academy! 

12-14 servings 


2 Super Jumbo Lump Crab cakes

6 oz Large broken Texas  shrimp – blended fine

1 T Garlic - minced

1 T Shallots - minced

1 T Cilantro - minced

1 t Fish Sauce

1 Baguette sliced on the bias

4 t butter



- Combine all ingredients except the bread

- Take the mix and coat the bread, make a small mound

- Heat pan with 2 T oil and heat up

- Cook til brown and flip – add 2 T soft butter and cook til crisp

- Make 4-5 at a time


There you have it! Simple, easy, and delicious! 

Chef Adam's Crabby Shrimp Toast
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