Salmon Burger - Spinach & Feta, 4 ea X 4 oz / 1 lb


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Our Wild Sockeye Spinach & Feta Burger is ready to hit the grill and packed with flavor - Same base flavors as the original with the addition of these two great flavors. 

THIS IS THE FISH BURGER FOR THE PERSON THAT DOES NOT LIKE FISH!!! - So many people have told us that it is like a turkey burger that TASTES GOOD!!!! Extremely mild and full of flavor - Add your favorite toppings to really make it your own!

Our burgers can be cooked really nicely from fresh or frozen, unlike our competition. We do not have water as an additive so you will see and taste the difference immediately. 

Chef Adam cooking tip:

Either on the grill or in the oven: Sear for 1 min 30 seconds on each side and then finish off direct hear for 8/10 minutes or until internal temp of 165 degrees for the perfect burger.

I usually will cook on the grill and then move to something I can cover in the grill to keep them nice and moist.