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Dumpling Tri-Fecta,(Lobster, Crab & Shrimp) 3 dz for $59.99

Maine Lobster & Shrimp Dumpling Combo, 12 pc

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We take the beautiful Lobster meat we receive on a daily basis and turn it into hand-stuffed succulent dumplings for not only our Seafood location but for our Sushi stores. This is definitely a labor of love because this takes time, patience, and extreme care to me perfect little pockets of joy. They come with our house-made gluten-free Shoyu sauce 6 Ea


Chem Free Shrimp, Asian Flavors and Spring Onions in A Lite Wrapper hand made in our own kitchens make the ultimate Shrimp dumpling 6 Ea

Comes with our own dipping sauce.