JONAH CRAB CLAW BUNDLE KIT (1 Lb of Scampi Sauce, 2 Lemons for every 5 lbs of Claws)

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There is nothing like the Maine Sand Crab or Peeketoe Crab as some "Fancy" restaurant chefs like to call this Sweet Treat that can't be beaten! It is the Stone Crab Claw of the North, for 1/3 of the Price!  These succulent claws come 40 pcs to the 5 lb sack all Triple Scored for ease of eating.

A flick of the wrist and the claws break apart for easy eating. The Kits come with 1 Lb of Scampi Sauce & 2 Lemons for every 5 lbs of Claws that are ordered.

To Serve: Chef Adam Tip:

The claws come frozen for ease of use so defrost overnight in your refrigerator, or run under cold water for about 30 minutes - pat dry.

Serve on crushed ice cold or Steam for 3 minutes

Warm Scampi sauce or serve with cocktail sauce