All Fresh Seafood's Guide to Staying Safe from Online Seafood Scams

How to Identify Scam Seafood Sites

  • Check for SSL Certificates:
    • Ensure the website URL starts with "https://" indicating it is secure.
    • Look for a padlock icon in the address bar.

  • Verify Contact Information:
    • Ensure the site has a legitimate physical address in the USA, phone number, and email contact.
    • Call the provided phone number to verify it is in service.

Official All Fresh Seafood Contact Information: 
Call 833-GOT-CRAB (833-468-2722)
[email protected]

  • Inspect the website URL/domain name:
    • Be cautious of domain names that look suspiciously similar to reputable companies but have slight misspellings or additional characters (e.g., "" instead of "").



    • Be wary of domains that use unusual suffixes or are not common for commercial sites (e.g., ".xyz" instead of ".com").



  • Research the Company and reviews on the official website:
    • Search for reviews and feedback from other customers.
    • Check for the company’s presence on social media and review platforms.

Official All Fresh Seafood Reviews:

  • Beware of Subdomains:
    • Be cautious if the URL uses a subdomain that looks like a primary domain (e.g., "" might be legitimate, but "" is likely a scam).


  • Beware of URL Shorteners:
    • Scammers often use URL shorteners (e.g.,, to hide the actual destination of the link. Avoid clicking on shortened URLs unless you can verify their source.

    • Reputable companies often use their own branded URL shorteners. For example, instead of a generic shortener, All Fresh Seafood might use something like “”.


  • Avoid URLs with Suspicious Short Domains:
    • Be cautious of URLs that use very short, unfamiliar, or oddly formatted domains (e.g., “” instead of “”).


  • Look for Clear and Detailed Product Information:
    • A reputable site will provide detailed descriptions of their products, including origin, handling, and delivery information.

  • Evaluate Pricing:
    • Be wary of prices that are significantly lower than the market average.
    • Compare prices with other reputable seafood vendors.

  • Check Return and Refund Policies:
    • Legitimate businesses will have clear, fair, and accessible return and refund policies.
    • Be cautious if the site lacks this information or if the policies seem unreasonable.

Official All Fresh Seafood Return/Refund Policy:

  • Read the Privacy Policy:
    • Ensure the site has a clear privacy policy detailing how your personal information will be used and protected.

Official All Fresh Seafood Return/Refund Policy:

  • Use Secure Payment Methods:
    • Prefer using credit cards or secure payment gateways like PayPal which offer buyer protection.
    • Avoid direct bank transfers or wiring money.