From here on, when you purchase a Dumpling Trifecta, we will be planting a tree in your honor to help save the whales!

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Started back in 2014, OTP has made leaps and bounds for the reforestation cause. Year over year, they have managed to double the amount of trees planted, collecting more than 40 MILLION trees planted in over 47 countries around the world. Their reach is astronomical and the work they have done has changed so many lives for the better.

Saving the Orcas, One
Tree at a Time

A few years ago, Our Head Chef, Adam, took a trip with his family to British Columbia, Canada. As they're strolling around, looking for something to do, they find a spot advertising whale watching.

With further conversation with the man inside, he finds they’re taking a boat out to a small island about 100 miles off the coast, and as advertised, there should be whale sightings on the way. So, with a bit of discussion, Adam grabs the wife and kids and they set sail.

The magical creature : orca whales

After some time and about 60 miles into the horizon, they stop. When everyone takes the time to look around, they notice something, they are surrounded by a pod of orca whales.

In all directions you could see the whales coming up for air, blowing water out of their blowholes, and going back down. It was nothing short of magical, a sight unlike any other.

This magical creature is endangered due to overfishing and habitat loss, which has depleted the prey they survive off of. One of their favorite snacks are the chinook salmon that used to be plentiful there, making up around 80% of the orcas diets!

*Abundance is the number of Chinook caught and the number of chinhook returning to Salish Sea Rivers

It’s estimated that to feed the current resident whales in these waters would take over 700 chinook salmon, daily! Today only about half the population remains, compared to this historic salmon population just decades ago. A sad and steady decline is still occurring and it has never been more important to protect these beautiful creatures' homes.

What happened?

Why are they so endangered?

The cause is a common tale around many habitats that used to be fruitful. Overfishing and human interference have hurt the salmon's ability to spawn and survive.

With all of the changes, the salmon have stopped making the journey to their spawning grounds, which has resulted in an exponentially decreasing population.

how do trees help?

One Tree Planted is dedicated to restoring forests and riparian zones across the pacific northwest to bring this once-bountiful area back to life!

These trees will improve water quality, removing pollutants that could be harmful to the fish and animals who consume them, as well as filter toxins out of stormwater as it runs off the road and into the soil and water.

Filtering out toxins helps salmon populations thrive, improving the quality and quantity of salmon and yummy snacks for orcas.

The whole process works together in the perfect way.

  • The trees are planted and their roots grow deep, holding the river banks together and creating the ideal nesting ground for salmon to spawn.
  • This forest canopy also creates shade which is vital to keep the salmon eggs cool and nurture their development.
  • And older trees and branches that may fall over, slow the stream and make it easier for the salmon to stop and settle into the banks.

OTP illustrates the connection between trees, wildlife, and people through their Six Pillars:

Why does this matter to all fresh?

Trees don’t only have a positive influence on the land where they are planted, but they also help our aquatic wildlife grow and thrive. We could not think of a more fitting philanthropy to partner with!


All Fresh Seafood is passionate about sustainability and creating a better world for future generations. We know we would not have a business without the bountiful ocean our seafood snacks come from, which is why it is so important for both our customers and us as a company to participate in responsible sourcing and catching methods. Without sustainability, we won't be able to enjoy the fish and shellfish we love so dearly.

our eco-friendly journey

As a company, we have started our eco-friendly journey with our recyclable and compostable packaging, and work to cut out any unnecessary plastics. We’re always looking to improve how we pack our orders and will continue to move towards a more sustainable future.

We are so excited to partner with One Tree Planted and all of our dumpling-loving customers to protect the orca whales and plant as many trees as possible in the process!

How your purchase makes a real impact

When you purchase a Dumpling Trifecta, we will be planting a tree in your honor to help save the whales!

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