Wholesale Ordering

Thank you for visiting our Wholesale form sign up page. We have two documents our accounting department needs back so we can start the process of getting you super awesome seafood products.

A. Our standard credit application so we can learn all about you since you already know tons about us.

Credit Application 2019 AFS.doc

B. Our Credit Card authorization form so we can make payments as quick and easy as possible

card_on_file_authorization_form AFS.docx

You will have two options for placing orders - options

1. You can order directly on this website on the wholesale page and pay at check out after each transaction.

2. You can text or email your sales rep your order, we will then process your order, and depending on our credit arrangement we will either charge your card after the delivery is made or every Friday for all shipments.

We prefer that you use the site and take the 30 days credit from your CC company and life is good all around.