quick & easy gilled arctic char


- 4 Arctic Char Fillets

- Olive Oil 

- 1/4 TBL Garlic Powder

- 1/4 TBL Kosher Salt

- 1/4 TBL Dried Parsley

- 1/4 TBL Dried Basil

- 1/4 TBL Dried Minced Onion



- Mix all of your spices together 

- Preheat Your Grill

- Rub each fillet with Olive Oil, then Sprinkle with a generous amount of your spice mix.

- Cook Arctic Char fillets on grill, covered, for 5 mins per side 

You can tell your fish is done once it flakes easily by fork or Hits 165 degrees F internally. 

Quick & Easy Gilled Arctic Char
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