diy sushi "fun" night

Pescatore's DIY Omakase Sushi Experience

(ordering available in our Sushi store)

There are many many rules to what you are about to embark on this afternoon or evening-

It is vital that you follow along to the "T"

There will be Vid's and Pic's to help guide you & you can always hit us up on chat if you get stuck!

So let's get moving to the first of two very very important rules:

Rule #1: By this time everyone partaking must have their favorite icy cold or room, temp, adult beverage in their favorite cup or goblet (kids sorry, Poland Springs for you!)

Rule #2: I forgot the rest of the rules so if anyone gets lost along the way, please revert back to Rule #1 and most importantly have the best time with your besties!!!

Snippet: About 20 years ago I started doing "sushi nights" at my home (this is Chef Adam BTW- Chef/Partner in Pescatore Seafood Sushi & Noodles, mainly spending time on the Seafood Side. super chefs Tab & Wayne are our partners on the sushi side) Anyway, I always had a love for sushi and had the best fish available, so I started playing Sushi Chef in my home.  It turned out to be the best times that we looked forward to recreating as often as possible. This is my chance to share my vision with the world - I hope you make memories as I have over the last 20 years!


Off to the races.....


All Recipe Items are in bold and underlined


Step 1:  Clean the cooking area of all non-essential cooking gear and replace it with a cutting board placed on a wet paper towel to avoid slippage.

Step 2: Let the rice sit at room temp for at least 1.5 hours before "party-time" - cold rice is a deal-breaker! If you have to you can microwave it for 15 seconds - twice to remove the chill

Step 3: Pick a team leader - a Chef if you will - things will just be that much, let's just say happier if you catch my drift...lets face it..there is always that one guy anyway who wants to be the is his big day....let him do it!!!  Next time you are out to eat and the potatoes are just a little tepid or the Steak ain't just so...we'll see who speaks up.....OK...I'm drifting..back to SFN - sushi fun that you have your Chef, pick a sous chef, his right-hand this point, someone is saying (couldn't we have just ordered in - always a wiseguy) This is the perfect sous chef...this is also the best position - this person is the designated "reader" and IT department!!  OK Let's go!

Step 4: We still didn't do anything but hopefully laugh a little - let's look over the menu....hopefully the fish is still in the fridge...OK - GOOD! Let's put it back in - thanks, my fish likes it nice and cold.

Step 5: The box contains 1,450,985,983 different variations of Sushi, Sashimi, Poke, Chirashi, Hand Rolls, Naruto and the list goes on - - so if you don't see a roll that is your favorite and you have mad sushi skills - have no fear - MAKE IT!  You have the ingredients right at your fingertips.  If this is your first experience I am going to walk you down the list in order.

* Remove Edamame and Kani Salad and begin snacking - Edamame in Micro for 10 seconds twice is nice + pinch of kosher salt! Important - reserve 5-7 whole Edamame for poke bowls.

*Please try and use 2/3 oz of protein per course per person & you should have plenty (based on 4 PP for dinner)


Chef to Chef: At this point, I recommend that you suggest to the group that you make the first item on the list -

But before you do check out this first video of how I suggest you set up your station

Menu Item#1: Salmon /Tuna Hand Rolls.  Below is the Video Link on how to do it.

Only remove the ingredients for Salmon / Tuna Handrolls


Nori sheets

Rice is already out

Yellowfin Tuna


Salmon Roe

Cucumber - assign julienne cuc's to someone, 4 fingers wide nice and thin

Please see the video below

Avocado - assign someone to prep the Avo for sushi - see video below

Please note: this is a sushi master with a $500 knife and 20 years of experience - isn't this super cool!

Anything close to this would be a victory - take your time and be careful!

Gather All the Sauces (Spicy Mayo, Sushi Sauce, Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, Tamari - Gluten Free Soy Sauce, Low Sodium Soy Sauce) 

These stay out for the night

Furikake Nori Komi - This is like Salt & Pepper in Japan - big time Yum - use it to top off your creations


Method: if the video doesn't do the trick - CHEF ADAM HINT: LESS IS MORE WHEN MAKING SUSHI

1. take the Nori sheets and cut them in half, one makes two hand rolls

2. with all the ingredients laid out nicely  - pick your favorite things stating with rice, about 1 tablespoon of each element, pile 

towards the end closest to you.

3. top with your favorite sauce, finish with some beautiful Ikura Salmon Roe that we have selected.

4. roll it up, finish with Furikake

5. take a pic, post to the Pescatore Insta, or on our webpage right here and proceed to menu item #2 - Yum!


Ok Chef, let's clear the deck with a quick wipe down and re-org for our next menu item: 

Menu Item #2: The Rainbow Roll

It will bet much easier from this point forward - prep is well underway and you will see why


Nori sheets

Rice is already out


Bluefin Tuna

Yellowtail - Hamachi (optional - at the store we do not use this)

Fresh Petite Jumbo Lump Crabmeat

Cucumber Slices



1. Locate that nifty bamboo sushi rolling mat and cover it with plastic wrap. This is key so you can make inside out rolls.

See the vid - I won't leave you hanging

Not so exciting but it does the job...

2. The next step is to get a small bowl of warm water for the designated "Sushi Master" Son, Son is a nice way to say Mr. in Japanese - the bowl is key. 

3. The next step is to start rolling sushi - the video will show you how to put together a complete rainbow roll.

This is two for the price of one because the base of a Rainbow roll is a California Roll - in the box, you will find Crispy Onions, so if anyone is a fan of our Cripsy Cali Roll you can create this pretty easily - see what I mean by the possibilities are endless...

You will also notice here the techniques that you will carry out throughout the rest of the rolls - I just want to point them out - 

a. we sent half sheets of nori ready to go, but when you buy them in the store, nori comes in full size, you have to cut them in half

b. the bowl of water is key for spreading rice, wet clean hands are key. Chef Adam hint: I like to wear gloves with a little veggie oil on them. This works for me.

c. A small ball of rice in the palm of your hand is how we measure rice - this usually does the trick on the first shot

d. to cut the rolls, make sure you use your best carving knife in long straight slices, that works best, and wet the blade. Also keep it clean.

Pop Quiz: What is the deal with all the Pickled Ginger that no one eats??

Well since I am not with you - just think of it as a Sushi Intemezzo or palate cleanser  - it works great in between different fish varieties!


Moving right along into the next menu item: 

Menu Item #3: Tuna Tataki - All-Time Favorite Appy!!!

If you have ever been to Nobu you know what I mean, something so simple that is so incredibly good! The first time I was there and this was served it was one of those moments, tell me if you ever did one of these..."Hey nice waiter, can you another round of these" Kind of embarrassing ordering doubles of food - but who cares - they are so damn good! 


Kettle Chips

Tiny Bottle of Pepper flakes with the funny Name (Shichimi Tougarashi)

Bluefin Tuna

Bonita Flakes

Ponzu Vinaigrette


1. Take 1 slice of Tuna per person - this is a mid feast taste - 

2. Place all the tuna in a bowl and mash until a smooth paste (it's a crime right)

3. Add 2 pinches of the Bonita flakes 

4. Add 1/2 Tsp or if you are an eyeball chef a 1 count of ponzu - or to taste

5. Take the Kettle chips and sprinkle with Pepper Flakes - go easy, they have a kick

6. To serve - place 1 Tsp of Tuna on Chip, Sprinkle with Furikake - serve with Ponzu Vinaigrette Drizzle

I hope the buildup to this one was everything that I made it to this point I hope you are taking pics, posting to your crew and everyone is jealous as can be....when I post things tend to go viral - at least 30 likes in no and the Kardashians no comp! UGH!

off to our next menu item....

Menu Item #4: Nigiri Trio

This is a big item in your journey to becoming a Sushi master for this will explain everything you wanted to know about your favorite cuisine.

When we say we are going out for Sushi, we are really going out for "Nigiri", FISH ON RICE.

When we say we are going out for California rolls, we are really going out for "Maki", stuffed rolled in seaweed

When we say we are going out of Raw fish, we are really going out of Sashimi. 

I hope my little guide as cleared up the overuse of Sushi - after all if you are going to be a master Sushi Chef you gotta know the lingo!


So how do you make these beautiful pillows of rice for your fish to sit on - this simple video below will show you the proper technique!

The funny thing is that what looks soooo easy, is soooo hard....I have two videos to show you how to enjoy this ancient building block of their cuisine. The blowtorch video is for my advanced students - those of you who have made Creme Brulee and what to experience some more Umami flavors with your Nigiri. Putting a last-minute char on the fish really puts a fantastic spin on the bite - you can also toast the rice as well.


rice is out

Bluefin Tuna

Yellowtail Hamachi

Ebi Shrimp


1. Take about 2 Tbl rice in one hand a make a small ball gently, at this point you can put a dollop of wasabi paste in the middle if you like spicy.

2. Place a thin slice of fish on top, half the thickness of a sashimi slice

3. With both hands shape and form into the finished Nigiri

Chef Adam Hint:

Dipping: To dip the unit into the soy sauce or not, that is the question. In life some questions have yes and no answers! This one has a definitive answer! The answer is NO, and I learned this the hard way when I was much younger and out to lunch with a group of Japanese businessmen. 8 people at the table sighed  - loudly, placed their chopsticks down, shook their fingers at me, and proceeded to show me the correct way to eat "their" food when I Dipped the rice!!....and it goes like this.

50% used chopsticks, 50% didn't, this is perfectly acceptable

The fish is the only thing that should hit the soy sauce and just a tiny bit

In the best sushi restaurants you will not find soy sauce anywhere, the chef pre-soy's with very expensive aged soy before it comes out

The piece is meant to be eaten in one shot - ALWAYS, for a total experience!

Nigiri has never been the same to me again - it is awesome now!!! Not a salty mess!!!


Now we are going to test the group with a Pescatore Signature Item....

As our skills are climbing, Chef please divide the group into two - 

a. Hand Roll Team &

b. Maki Team - to make our fancy roll

Menu Item #5 - The Pescatore Maine Lobster Dragon Hand Roll

This is an item that always steals the show at our corporate catering gigs hands down! It has everyone's favorite ingredients all wrapped up into one delicious let's get right down to it...

I want to start off with a quick video as a refresher on how to make the roll - hand rolls are easy.

Nice skills on this guy...huh!

So this is a traditional Dragon Roll with Eel - since I am the guy making the decisions and Eel sells at about 10% of what Lobster sells I reinvented our Dragon Roll just a here it goes.


Rice is out

Nori Sheets - full size for the maki team, half size for the hand roll team

cucumber slices just like the video, nice and thin

Avocado, sliced paper-thin

Take out the lobster salad from the fridge

Take two or three pieces of Yellowfin Tuna and mash in a bowl, add spicy mayo to taste (you just made spicy tuna)

Eel Sauce


Method: for maki rolls

1. lay down your mat covered with plastic film

2. place your nori on top

3. add your white rice or brown rice, with your wet hands so the rice does not stick, don't mash, be gentle, just like the guy in the video

4. flip rice on nori over. The rice side goes on the mat. Time to start building your roll.  Ingredients go towards the center

5. add cucumber, less is more, remember this part

6. spicy tuna goes inside, spread on top of cucumber, roll it up

7. place avocado on top of rice like the video - take your time

8. now place the mat on top and squeeze it tight to form - but be GENTLE. PUSH in the sides if it comes out.

9. place fresh plastic wrap on top and slice.

10. to plate - put each piece next to each other, top with a dollop of lobster salad

11. drizzle with eel sauce

12. take those insta pics - you know what to do...woohoo, you did it!!!

Ok, so that was a bit of a challenge - using all of your newly acquired mad sushi skills on one crazy delicious roll - isn't crazy how easy these guys make this look....I can watch these masters at a Sushi bar do this all night long, right??

So by now, I am guessing that everyone is still, but we must push on to 

Item #6 The Mini Poke Bowl

Time for our history lesson - Poke is not something new, it is not a fade, it is not a flash in the pan...well maybe it is in NYC...because I'm not exactly sure if these small shops can justify these massive rents...Poke has been around for hundreds of years originating in Polynesia only to be brought to the mainstream in the early '60s in Hawaii where it is a staple part of their diet. Poke refers to how the fish is cut and prepared. In fish markets, throughout Hawaii it is common to see platters of Salmon, Tuna & Yellowtail all cubed up ready to go, with sauce and without.

So let's get to it...


rice is out already

We like to share a couple of bowls between couples at this point, so one or two small bowls

Tuna - 1 slice cut into cubes (TOSS with Sushi Sauce)

Yellowtail - 1 slice cut into cubes (Toss with Ponzu)

Scallops - 2 cut into cubes (Toss with Ponzu)

Edamame - take 4 or 5 and remove from pods

Crispy Onion

Avocado - 2 slices thick-cut & cube

Tamago (egg) - Cut into cubes - 

Sushi sauce

Shichimi Tougarashi - pepper flakes - if you want to spice it up



Method: for Poke Bowls

1. Place a few spoons of rice in your bowl

2. Now with all your Ingredients in front of you assemble your bowls

3. there is no wrong way to do should look like this when you are done

a bowl of food with broccoli

4. Garnish with Sushi sauce, Furikake and Pepper flakes to taste.


Remember to keep taking pictures,  we love to see ... we are now coming into the home stretch...this is a good time to put on comfortable clothes if you have them nearby....or just forge forward for the home stretch...

Chef, gather the troops for a big wipedown  - gotta keep it clean!


Menu Item #7:  Yellowtail Avacado Jalapeno Roll

So you might be wondering how this made the menu - that's easy - this is one of my favorite Maki Rolls!

I personally feel this balance of flavors is one that everyone should try at least once. On the inside the crunch of cucumber and creamy avocado with a touch of spicy mayo - can't go wrong with that - and on top is decadent Yellowtail with "Pickled" Jalapeno's that we make in the house - this is the key. The rice wine vinegar brightens up the bite and ties it all together. Drizzle with Eel sauce - Heaven!

Here is a video of the Yellowtail Placement

rice is out already
Cucumber slices just like the video, nice and thin
Avocado, sliced a bit thicker, if you have leftover thin, double up
YellowTail slices
Pickled Jalapeno
Eel Sauce
Method: Yellowtail Avacado Jalapeno Roll
1. lay down your mat covered with plastic film
2. place your nori on top
3. add your white rice or brown rice, with your wet hands so the rice does not stick, don't mash, be gentle, just like the guy in the video
4. flip rice on nori over. Time to start building your roll.  ingredients go towards the center
5. add cucumber, less is more, remember this part
6. add a few nice slices of avocado on top of cucumber
7. I like to drizzle some spicy mayo at this point
8. Now comes the fun part - roll it up nice and snug
9. Once formed, check out the video below to see how to lay on the yellowtail. Place pieces on, two should do the trick.
10. Squeeze them into place with the mat
11. Cut them using the "method" from the video for even slices
12. Once arranged on your plate, sprinkle with Pickled Jalapeno
13. I like this with a small drizzle of sushi sauce
I hope you like this mash-up of flavors as much I as do - it is simple yet sophisticated - we are cruising into the finish line....and we always, always, always end with Sashimi - there is a simple reason for this....
No knives needed
No Skills needed
It is time for an Adult beverage Refill & a quick clean up & here's how it goes....
Menu Item #8 Sashimi Nightcap
At this point everyone typically likes to freestyle - take a look at this beautiful picture - your chef for the evening can do one of two things
a. recreate this beautiful platter as your "Nightcap" as the name implies and share his work of art with us
b. everyone can have at all the fish and try and recreate their favorite item or make up an original - the sky's the limit
a bowl of fruit on a plate
All of the remaining fish
All of the remaining sauces (on the side)
All of the remaining garnishes (on the side)
1. Bring out your innermost Picasso and make a work of Art for the entire world to see!
2. If you have some greens use them liberally and make the platter look purty
3. If you have a lemon, that also looks great
I hate to say it...but our Voyage on the SS Pescatore Seafood Sushi & Noodle "Omakase DIY Sushi Fun Night"  is drawing to a conclusion! It has been an absolute blast being your host and guide throughout this journey. I truly hope that while I was trying to be entertaining it was also educating - Sushi & Seafood is not really just a hobby, it has been a 30+ year career - here's to making MEMORIES - 
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