crispy smelts

Prep tie: 10 mins  Cook time: 5 mins 

6 servings

264 calories per serving 



  • flour (can substitute gluten free flour)
  • fine bread crumbs or corn flake crumbs
  • lemon pepper 
  • celery salt 
  • oil
  • butter
  • cleaned and dressed smelts



- Measure about 1 cup of flour and bread crumbs into a covered bowl or plastic food storage bag. Add lemon pepper and celery salt. Mix well.

Add fish and shake to coat

- Cook smelt in shallow oil and butter in a heavy bottom pan, until crispy on first side. Flip with tongs or spatula when brown, and brown second side. 2-3 mins per side 

- Drain on wire rack 

- Serve with your favorite dipping sauce

Crispy Smelts
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