message from the chef - memorial day 2022

Hi, Fish Fans,

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Memorial Day celebrations and if you have a loved one that has sacrificed for our country we would like to recognize them at this time and salute their honor and service. If you are not aware, we are very proud to support our military & first responder brothers and sisters through a very special program we have set up. Please visit this link to learn all about it: Military & First Responder Discounts

We have been super busy from the "Wheelhouse" over the weekend buying buying and doing some more buying....the Alaskan Salmon season is starting to kick on all cylinders. If you like Wild Alaskan salmon this is the time to start filling your boots as some of my friends in the UK like to say!! Come midweek you are going to start to see all sorts of goodies pop up on our Weekly Circular of Savings. The biggest breaking news we have is that the elusive Copper River Salmon is going to be making a debut!!

If you have never enjoyed Copper River Salmon I would highly recommend crossing this off your bucket is insanely delicious.

We have also added a few other fish species to the collection this week - Walleye Pike from the Great Lakes region, Ruby Red Trout from the Rocky Mountains, Coho Salmon from Alaska, and Sushi Fluke fillet from the Mid-Atlantic. This week is going to be a good week if you feel like getting your inner chef unleashed with all this exciting product.

I wanted to report on my little test from last week for those of you who are reading my weekly blog...I started a where's Waldo - where I end my note with a little bonus for y'all. Last week I mentioned that anyone who made it to the bottom just had to mention to add a pack of burgers or hot dogs in the memo line on Chef Adam to make Memorial Day Extra Special - it was a great success and I was happy to make a bunch of BBQ's that much better....for this week - anyone that makes mention of the blog and will receive 4 or our Jumbo Crab Cakes -

Have a great week & Happy Cooking

- Chef Adam

Message from the Chef - Memorial Day 2022
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