message from the chef - 9/05/22

Hi, Fish Fans,

As the summer draws to a close that does not mean the nice weather is just going to end...for some of us like myself, the next 6-8 weeks are some of the best weeks concerning weather in the mid-Atlantic states. I know those of us who rely on and being outdoors sure do enjoy a break from 90+ degree days and sweltering humidity.

From the flight deck we are going to be introducing one to two new vendors per month with exciting products from all over the United States. We have exciting things going on from our Dumpling Kitchen where our goal is to add one new dumpling flavor per week. Last week we added chicken leek and scallion dumplings. It was genuinely nice to hear from some of our regular clients that it was one of the best dumplings that they have ever had.

We are working out details to bring in a vendor that has locally farm raised sustainable Branzino from the United States. We think this is important to source as locally as possible to help with our green initiative, not to mention the freshness of this product is 2nd to none.

With working from home stronger than ever, in the coming weeks please be on the lookout for some new lunch-time meal ideas from our prepared food department. We will be introducing some new salad options as well as soup and salad combos, let's face it they were just so many turkey sandwiches that we could all eat.... Best of all we are going to make these combos hit the $10 price point.

As always – We hope you had a great holiday with Friends & Family

- Chef Adam

Message from The Chef - 9/05/22
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