message from the chef - 8/22/22

Hi, Fish Fans,

And just like that, we are hitting the end zone of the summer - I can't believe the summer is drawing to the end. It was like a flash in the pan this year, but it is not over yet. We are going to have a great Labor Day Saleabration with our email and text offers that are too good to be true going on this entire week. Please don't miss out and "order early" that is the key.

In holidays prior the one thing that is a constant, if you order to have your goodies delivered by THURSDAY you will be MUCH MUCH HAPPIER - UPS is supper stressed come Friday. They have a really high delivery % rate, but why take the chance?

On the product front, we are happy to announce that Bell & Evans Chicken products have been added to our Meat section. If you have not experienced what All-Natural poultry is all about please take a minute to read the product descriptions - this is a very special chicken and our all-time favorite product!!!

We are also happy to announce that our 3 fer $39, cooked Lobster special (3 - 1 1/4 lb) will run for the holiday as well - This is a great start for your holiday clam bakes -

Have a great week and holiday with your family and friends
- Chef Adam

Message from The Chef - 8/22/22
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