message from the chef - 7/4/22

Hi, Fish Fans,

I am back from Hawaii and I have to report I am a bit disappointed that I do not have a nice big fish to proudly display from my fishing expedition. On the day of our charter, our captain had boat issues and canceled on us. The island was so busy that he left us no time to rebook and we were left standing at the dock high and dry - a big letdown all around. So instead we rented some snorkeling gear and swam with the fish instead - the beaches are epic for this and they did not let us down. On our ocean swim, a group of 200 lb sea turtles joined us for about 45 minutes which was one of the main highlights of the trip!

If you have never been to Hawaii, we were specifically in Waikiki, I highly recommend a visit. From the culture, food and sporting events you will not be bored from morning til night! The poke bowls were very special and sushi from 7/11 was WORTH trying, it was actually very good!!!

Although I will not be sourcing products from Hawaii in the near future - they just don't have the quantity that makes sense to ship all the way to NYC right now - it was nice to see some interesting varieties, like Opah, Opaka Paka, and many types of urchins.

Stay tuned though - new products will be coming.

Happy Cooking
- Chef Adam

Message from the Chef - 7/4/22
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