message from the chef - 7/18/22

Hi, Fish Fans,

I have been very busy these last few weeks since I have been back from my trip from Hawaii - the trip that yielded zero pictures from my fishing adventure!! Nonetheless, I still have great news for all the friends - my new Ohana that I have met there - we are proud to announce that we have figured out finally how to ship the Hawaiian Islands successfully! It is now live and ready to go. The one caveat is that we will make these shipments on Mondays and Tuesdays so UPS has the greatest opportunity to succeed.

On another note I have some new items hitting the store this week and next. I would like to give you a little preview. We have added a few lobster meat items that are already live. We have added fresh lobster tail meat to our already super popular Knuckle and Claw Lobster Meat to make this even more decadent! To take this one step further - we have an offer of just straight freshly cooked Lobster Tails!! Ya really don't need to take the lobster bib out for these - lol!

The next category that I am attacking is our shrimp area! Many people have been asking me to expand our Domestic Shrimp offerings so that is just what I did. We have partnered up with a very well-established Shrimp producer called Wood's Fisheries out of Port St. Joe, Florida. They handle Texas Gulf all-natural shrimp that are just amazing and now we have them and so can you. They will be available this week in two sizes: 26/30 peeled & 16/20 shell on

Lastly, I am adding some new items to the meat category before the Northeast summer grilling season ends. I am going to add St. Louis Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, and a Porterhouse of Lamb to mix things up. We are also adding a few Bell and Evans Chicken products to round out our total meat and poultry offerings.

Exciting things happening from the flight deck stay tuned and happy cooking
- Chef Adam

Message from the Chef - 7/18/22
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