message from the chef - 6/6/22

Hi, Fish Fans,

And just like that we go from Winter to full blown seems like the seasons are a thing of the past. I remember growing up in the Northeast we had very clearly defined seasons. Long springs and falls that lead into terriffic snow filled winters and blazing hot summers. Now it seems that it is more 2 dimentional at least for me, what about you guys??

On the bright side of things with great weather the fishing has improved and we continue to see fish prices stabilize and lots of nice fish are coming our way. We are still offering our great lobster deal 3 cooked 1.25lb lobsters for $49.99, a major fan favorite. Another very seasonal item that just started is Copper River Sockeye Salmon - if you have never had or tried Wild Salmon I would highly suggest you try this. It is completely different from its farm raised counterparts and highly sought after.

If it is crab you are after the soft shell crab season is finally in full swing. The crabs are coming in fresh, large and very soft. We. have them fresh and fully cleaned or if you would like we fully prepare them with a crispy panko crust for you.

Lastly in my where's Waldo blog series - if you mention that you have read my blog and say, Hey Chef Adam please include a sample of the Ruby Red Trout fillet in my order - I loved your Blog - we would be happy to include that. Ruby Red Trout is a brand new item for us. It is raised in the prisitne waters in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. It is 100% sustainable and 100% delicious.

Have a great week & Happy Cooking

- Chef Adam

Message from the Chef - 6/6/22
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