message from the chef - 6/13/22

Hi, Fish Fans,

Another holiday week is upon us and the excitement around the country from all the purveyors is nice to hear - the buzz is real. It is a welcome sound to hear after the past few almost feels like some normalcy is returning. What is not fun to hear is how hard it is to get goods from point A to point B. The struggle is real for the folks that have to fill up their boats and trucks - wow!

The best thing we can do is try and support this hard-working community during these uncertain times, especially if we want to see the things we love keep flowing.

For the Father's Day Celebration if you are taking part in a gathering or need to send something special to your Matriach we have just what you are looking for - from our 3-fer cooked Lobsters that are fun to pop on the grill for just a few minutes to grill them up or Prime Meat to make the ultimate surf-n-turfs.

In any case, we want to support dad this week - with any beef purchase please add a memo note and say Chef Adam said to send 1 Pack of LaFrieda burgers on him for Dad! He does so much for everyone all year - Let's celebrate him this week!!

Enjoy your celebration and if dad is not around let's raise a glass and remember all the good times - To Dad!!

Happy Cooking
- Chef Adam

Message from the Chef - 6/13/22
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