message from the chef - 5/23/22

Hi, Fish Fans,

The Official start to summer has finally arrived...and what always amazes me is that a week ago it was in the 50's and we were still wrapped up tight in the morning....this past weekend my car actually hit 99 degrees. Those beautiful spring days are somewhat of a childhood memory.

Nice weather is very good news for my fish-loving friends out there....our fishing partners love to get a tan and some of the prices are easing up just a bit...this week we have a few new additions to the Weekly Circular of Savings (WCS). Wild Striped Bass hailing from New England & Troll Caught Wild King Salmon from the Pacific North West. These couldn't be further apart if they tried - lol. Both are super delicious and very very seasonal - so, Tis the Season!

The other very big notable this week is that Lobster prices continue to fall. We have sweetened the deal on the cooked lobsters; instead of a 2fer deal, it is a 3fer deal for the same price!!

With Memorial Day just around the corner I wanted to offer a Where's Waldo Special and see who is paying attention to my here is the deal of deals. I will honor this for the entire week. If you place an order this week and put in the note section - Burgers (orig blend), Salmon Burgers, Hot dogs, or Sausages on Chef Adam - we will ship you one pack of your choice - - my kids loved that game!

As always - have a great celebration this week!
Happy Cooking

- Chef Adam

Message from the Chef - 5/23/22
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