message from the chef - 5/2/22

Dear Fish Fans,

This is a big week as we get ready to celebrate all the women in our lives and try and remember all the great women that have left us all too soon - may we celebrate their memories and raise a glass and say to life!!

With just a few days to prepare, it is not too late to place an order and make life just a little bit easier. From Crab cakes to lobster roll kits, we have you covered - try and enjoy your family time and let our chefs do some of the prep work for y'all.

This week in celebration of MOM, and your big family gatherings, we have decided to help out a bit. We have drastically lowered the price on all the Prime cuts of meat and the entire meat category, for that matter... if you haven't tried it, this would be the week to give it a go... the dry-aged burgers are something truly remarkable!!

The other little tidbit I want to fill everyone in on is that Cooked 1 1/4 lb lobsters are finally back after having a long winter break. Prices are finally coming back to some kind of reality and we are offering a great 2-fer deal. So if you want a couple for a holiday, please grab em before they are gone.

Have a great celebration and Happy Cooking as always -

Chef Adam

Message from the Chef - 5/2/22
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