message from the chef - 5/16/22

Dear, Fish Fans,

This past week was pretty exciting if you have a son or daughter that is family happens to fall into that bucket. Our youngest daughter has just reached a milestone event and completed her Masters program in Interactive Design & Social Media at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. I am not sure who is more thrilled her or us - many of you can completely understand this I am sure.....but we are thrilled for all the recent grads and wish them only success as they take steps to conquer the world and make the place a much better place for everyone!!!

I know I am not really talking about fish this week, but I have to share something that happened this past weekend with way to many packages - we had a very tough weekend. It seems lately UPS is being stretched and tested on Friday overnight deliveries. We had a lot of packages that did not make it on Friday even though we did everything correctly. They simply missed a transfer!!! Because so many of you out there support us with regular orders it is our suggestion that you try the best you can to have your deliveries come in on THURSDAY'S. We very rarely have any issues with Thursday deliveries. If you are ordering only frozen products - please take these deliveries on Tuesday and Wednesday. For those of you that had an issue this past weekend - please email us at [email protected] so we can reschedule your shipment. You should have seen many emails and have received lots of calls from us over the weekend regarding this. On behalf of UPS, we are very sorry they dropped the ball - but we have you covered. Thanks for the support

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!
Happy Cooking

- Chef Adam

Message from the Chef - 5/16/22
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