message from the chef

Hi Fish Fans,

Spring is finally upon us and the world of seafood is in a tsunami of turmoil! I know everyone is feeling it at the gas pumps, can you imagine what some of our boat captains are saying when they pull up with a 150 - 200 foot vessel - filla up, please! These vessels can hold 22,000 gallons - a boat like the Time Bandit on the Deadliest Catch for instance! Yikes, I hope they have the Black American Express card! All kidding aside we are fighting these supply chain issues which are very real and causing prices to spike into uncharted territory. It is not so much because the product is not available, but because of all the labor, shipping, and handling expenses surrounding it.

This last week Dover Sole continued to be a super fan fav, Monkfish made a debut after some time off and was welcomed back with open arms, and Red Snapper was way oversold all of the sudden - wow!

This coming week we will have beautiful fresh Spanish Mackeral coming in from the mid-Atlantic fishing grounds, fresh Skate filet which is my favorite fish. If you have not tried Skate don't hesitate - it will go in a NY minute. If you saute this in a cast iron pan crispy it just might be your new favorite fish!! Lastly - please explore our new weekly circular of savings - so many great deals not to miss.

Message From The Chef
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