Anchovies, Spain, Wild Caught,  4 LBS
Anchovies, Spain, Wild Caught,  4 LBS

Anchovies, Spain, Wild Caught, 4 LBS

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At All Fresh Seafood, we take pride in sourcing the best products from around the globe and our Anchovy program is no different. Because, Anchovies, like Sardines, are so perishable from Catch to dinner plate we have moved to a FAS program - FAS stands for Frozen at Sea. This is to ensure the product is frozen within hours of catch to lock in all the freshness so when you go to defrost and prepare, it is like the ocean is coming alive!!

Anchovies are high in protein and have an optimal balance of Omega-3’s. The combination of these two essential nutrients is ideal for providing fullness and long-lasting energy: protein helps keep you feeling full longer, while healthy fats help manage insulin response, thus helping stabilize blood sugar levels and control cravings and hunger. It is also the backbone of so many other products that we have to come to know and love like Worcestershire Sauce, Caesar dressing, remoulade sauce, and the super popular fish sauce. 

Anchovies in oil give this fish a bad rap because of the strong flavor, but this product is the fresh form that is frozen at sea actually has a super mild flavor and is quite delicious when gently grilled and served with a nice arugula salad.


If you love anchovies that have been canned, you will absolutely love this product -  

 Happy cooking - 

Chef Adam




Anchovies, Spain, Wild Caught,  4 LBS

Anchovies, Spain, Wild Caught, 4 LBS

$39.99 $32.99

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