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Dumpling Tri-Fecta,(Lobster, Crab & Shrimp) 3 dz for $59.99

Trifecta Cakes

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4 ea - Jumbo Crab Cakes 
4 ea - Maine Lobster Cakes
4 ea - Cauliflower Lobster Cakes 

8 oz - Tartar sauce 
1 - Fresh lemon

Crab cakes have been our most popular appetizer, so we decided to build upon this, run with it, and create the Ultimate "cake" Trifecta with our 3 most popular cakes. The Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cake, packed with crabmeat, and our special crab mayo has made this our number cake.
We follow this with our brand new Maine Lobster Cake. Filling it with giant pieces of lobster tail meat and a tiny bit of gluten-free panko to hold this together makes this cake unforgettable.
Lastly, the Cauliflower Cake has grown to cult-like status; Gluten-Free is fresh, clean, and delicious packed with lobster and cauliflower rice; it is a great side dish.