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Dumpling Tri-Fecta,(Lobster, Crab & Shrimp) 3 dz for $59.99

Trifecta Shrimp

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1 lb - Grilled Scampi Shrimp 
1 lb - Domestic Carolina Wild Jumbo Shrimp
2 lbs - 16/20 Ex-Large Raw Tail On Shrimp 

8 oz - Cocktail sauce
1 - Fresh lemon

The Trifecta of Shrimp is your Go-To for mid-week meal prep made easy. Forget those box kit services. We are about QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY at All Fresh. All of the Shrimp are always Chemical-free, sustainable, wild when available, fresh when available.

Let's dive into this package. Grilled Scampi Shrimp are Large 21/25 Chem Free Shrimp that are Grilled and ready to go with our Scampi sauce. Pop on rice or over a salad, and dinner is served.
The Fresh Jumbo Carolina Shrimp are a taste sensation, use for shrimp cocktail or on the grill; these are the center of the plate shining star!
The 16/20 Ex-Large All Natural peeled shrimp are dinner in a flash shrimp. Pull 10 from the bag, combine with fresh or frozen veggies, EVOO, seasoning, wine, stock, beer, or your favorite liquid, cover; and in 12 minutes, dinner is served. We just taught you how to make a skillet meal that is very popular in every supermarket now. The big difference with the one you just made is that the sodium is 90% less and it cost 75% less & your ingredients are restaurant quality - cooking should be easy and fun!!