Liberty Traditional Smoked "Brooklyn Nova Style" Salmon, 4oz Pk

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The smoking and curing of foods is a traditional craft. The quality of the smoked product depends upon the care taken at each stage of the process, from sourcing and selection of materials through preparation and smoking to delivery. Our smoking processes are still very traditional and our grading, filleting, curing, and cutting are still mostly done by hand.

We chip all our own oak wood for smoking, which gives our smoked products a unique distinctive taste.

We source sustainable fish with great care from quality suppliers only. Every product is cured prior to smoking using dry salt to reduce water content, which not only helps to preserve the fish but also enhances the flavor.

Our fish is then cold-smoked in modern custom-made kilns, with smoldering oak chips providing the smoke. The cold smoke is drawn evenly through the kiln, and the skill of the smoker is crucial. The fine texture and taste of the end product depend on the timings and temperatures, which in turn can depend even on the weather!




Liberty Traditional Smoked "Brooklyn Nova Style"  Salmon,  4oz Pk

Liberty Traditional Smoked "Brooklyn Nova Style" Salmon, 4oz Pk

$12.99 $6.99

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