* SPECIAL * Lobster & Caviar Bundle

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Our Lobster Roll Kit Includes:

  • Everything to make a memorable event with family & friends
  • Succulent, 100% All Natural Maine lobster claw & knuckle meat (Fresh)(1LB)
  • Classic New England-style split-top rolls (4pc)
  • All Fresh Seafood Secret Spice Blend (optional addition)(1)
  • Clarified Chive Butter for the Wow!(1)
  • Detailed step by step instructions included - and on our blog too!
  • Shipped overnight from our beautiful Market located in the Iconic Grand Central Terminal Market!

Product Details:

There has always been a great debate on the best LOBSTER ROLL - is it Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Long Island - let's make this simple - it is now wherever you are standing with OUR ALL NATURAL MAINE LOBSTER MEAT!!! 

No matter if you like mayo, butter, hot rolls, cold rolls, lettuce, or just a purist like myself;  the classic Maine roll with lobster meat and chive butter on a toasted bun -the power is all in your control!

Our easy to prepare kit comes with everything you need to create real Maine lobster rolls at home:

  • Beautiful Maine lobster Meat from our partners from the great white north
  • Classic New England-style split-top rolls make it super easy to stuff your rolls and get that perfect picture to  make your friends envious 
  • Our classic spice blend which just a little sprinkle will kick it up a notch
  • Clarified Chive Butter that our Culinary Institute of America Chef has created that is heaven on earth - if you toast your bun with this, some say this is a meal all by themselves - yum!

Our product arrives fresh unless you request frozen! Detailed instructions included - you’ll be eating your authentic Maine lobster rolls in 15 minutes or less. 

The Caviar Kit:

This 2oz unit Comes from The Pure Bred Siberian Steurgon Now Farmed & Sustainable. It Provides a Medium Dark Pearl that Is Creamy in Texture that Follows Through with A Crisp Nutty Taste.  Accompany with Creme Fraiche and a pack of 36pc Blini.