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Faroe Island" Extra Fancy Salmon Fillet, 1 lb

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The Faroe Islands are located 200 miles from Scotland in a very large pristine island grouping in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a very unique setting because it is beyond ideal for raising fish in the wild but under extremely controlled, sustainable, and safe environmental practices in the wide-open ocean. The fish is unlike anything else!

They are known to have the highest quality and standards for aquaculture today, the gold standard that everyone tries to emulate. The Faroe Salmon has a delicious well-balanced flavor and lots of great omega 3's because of the super cold water from where it hails!

Try some today you will not be disappointed.

Chef Adam Hint:

When cooking this fish try something new, cook to 145-150 so you can experience a medium rare and taste the real freshness of this fish - and keep the sauce simple!